Marketing Specialist for Fashion & Sewing Startup

Lisbon, Portugal

Business description

The Loft is a co-sewing space and sewing school in the center of Lisbon.

We provide regular fashion, sewing as well as arts & crafts courses in our open and cosy atelier. We also teach in several Lisbon colleges and move around with our sewing machines.

Our clients can have membership to get access to all tools and equipment to develop their sewing skills. They get guidance during their sewing projects and enjoy the inspiring environment of this atelier.

The LOFT can be rented as well for team events, workshops and fittings. 

Currently we are expanding our services and set up the online shop to commercialise our members products and brands. 

Internship description & responsibilities

  • Create, develop and manage a cohesive marketing and communication strategy

  • Increase the authenticity of the brand, extend our reach and build awareness

  • Conceptualise, produce and execute creative content for all platforms, in collaboration with the team (create public campaigns and handle social media channels)

  • Execute an admin role (reply mails, make reservations for workshops, organize photo stock, create newsletter)

  • Build up e-commerce (establish etsy shop and website online store)

  • Setup workshops, take pictures of events and products, welcome new members


  • Bachelor/Master/academic background in the broader area of fashion, business, marketing

  • Prior experience in the area would be great but not mandatory

  • Strong communication skills and an open-minded attitude to try out new, unusual ways

  • Strong planning skills and a “lets do it”- mindset

  • Team player while having the ability to manage multiple activities at the same time (strong organisation skills)

  • Mandatory internship within study program could be an option 

  • Must as a language: English (Portuguese would be a great addition)


  • Minimum stay 3 month

  • Internship is unpaid but we cover public transport costs in Lisbon area and provide as an exchange access to all sewing equipment of the atelier (so you can work on your own projects ☺) and join workshops (if spots available) 

  • Internship can be backed up by Erasmus programs

  • Typically a four-day week (Wednesday to Saturday, 20 hours in total)

  • Lots of freedom to develop your own strategies and bring in your ideas

If you like to take action and bring forward the passion for sewing and crafts in this world, please send a mail to [email protected] with a CV and your availability and (if existing) portfolio/social media campaigns.